Dome construction
The observatory dome construction was completed on July 22nd 2022. The Ramon crater in Israel's Negev desert is in the background.
Telescope Assembly
The construction of the telescope was completed on August 24th 2022
Probing supermassive black holes over cosmic time
The observatory is uniquely designed to accurately monitor the immediate environs of highly accreting supermassive black holes using photometric and polarimetric means

The astronomical observatory at the university of Haifa was inaugurated in 2022. The observatory is physically located at the Wise Observatory near the town of Mitzpe Ramon, and is operated by the Department of Physics at the University of Haifa in collaboration with the technical team of the Wise Observatory.  The observatory was established with the support of the Israeli Science Foundation, and focuses on the photometric and polarimetric monitoring of the sky, with a particular emphasis on uncovering the physics underlying the active phase of supermassive black holes in galaxy centers. The telescope is the second largest single-aperture telescope in Israel.


Telescopes in operation at the observatory


Research pursued at the observatory


Including weather, events, and recent findings